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Beautify Me Elixir Benefits

Beautify Me Elixir Benefits

The love we put into Beautify Me – Anti Inflammatory Tea

Beauty means an infinite number of things. It is one of the words that I believe can have a definition complete of ambiguity. For me most often, beauty simply means feeling good.

When I think of my idea of beauty, I think of feeling confident, empowered, strong, healthy, and kind, all things that make me feel my best. We all have our own ideas as to what we believe makes us beautiful. But despite this ambiguity, there is a collective belief that everyone should wake up and feel beautiful. Every beautiful soul on this earth should wake up and love themselves. It sounds simple, but sadly there are so many people right here and around the world who don’t feel this way. We are hard on ourselves; we overthink our choices, we don’t like the way we look and constantly envy others. Beautify Me is designed to help.

Beauty is truly determined by you.

It is your choice to wake up and look in the mirror and say to yourself, “well dang, don’t you just look fantabulous today.” Choose to feel beautiful every single day- it will make all the difference. It is easiest to feel beautiful when you truly feel good. To help feel your best, we have created a spectacular 100% organic elixir designed to help you feel amazing, allowing you to do amazing things.

Be Calm With Organic White Tea

Woman In Red Swimsuit Lounges In A Beach Chair Enjoying Her Iced Glass Of Organic White Tea

I’m sure you can recall a time where all you desired was peace and serenity. Or a time when your mind was at peace and all of your worries drifted beyond you. This feeling is truly an incredible one, and not one that you should solely experience once in a while.

Feeling calm and at peace allows your mind to become aware and grow stronger and more serene.

The organic white tea in Beautify Me can help you to feel calm and peaceful. White tea is the perfect drink for alert relaxation desired for meditation. Compared to other teas, white tea contains a lower concentration of caffeine than other comparable beverages. White tea has been scientifically observed to make drinkers calm, relaxed, and less stressed while providing just a touch of caffeine.

Being at peace is the perfect way to feel beautiful and good about yourself. You deserve peace and serenity every day. The future can never be predicted, and life is far too short to constantly feel stressed, anxious, and nervous. Part of the beauty is happiness and by being calm, you are on the right path to true happiness and self-love.

Be Strong

Beautify Me is infused with sweet and organic apples.

Apples contain high vitamin C content which regulates the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, and it provides your skin with structure and strengthens your bones. With collagen being better synthesized, your body is more productive which can increase the density of your bones and improve joint pains.

We have also added organic bamboo, one of the richest sources of silica to this powerful drink.

Bamboo contains both silica and biotin which have the ability to strengthen your hair, nails, teeth, and skin. Adding flavor and great color, organic blueberries can provide massive benefits to your circulatory system. Blueberries can help reduce blood pressure, arterial stiffness, and help to prevent acne. So, by adding Beautify Me to your daily diet, you will also provide benefits to your heart’s health.

Woman In Red Yoga Clothing Stretches Her Leg And Looks Over The City.

Be vibrant

Vibrancy is defined as the state of being full of energy and life.

It is truly an incredible adjective that I think describes the Beautify Me elixir experience. The combination of fruits is bright, juicy, and delicious. Not only does it taste amazing, but its effects are equally delightful. The organic apples, raspberries, and strawberries are all loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants. One of my favorite benefits of Vitamin C is its ability to help boost the immune system, giving your body the strength, it needs and deserves to fight infections. It also makes your skin glow, which I think is pretty incredible. The antioxidants from these fruits are just as important. Antioxidants can aid your body when fighting infections and can protect the cells in your body from the damage they may endure.

Be confident

If I had to create a pot of beauty, I would for sure pour a whole lot of confidence into it. By today’s standards, many believe that confidence comes from the outside. We are meant to think that perfect skin and perfect bodies directly correlate to confidence. But it isn’t about being beautiful on the outside at all. Confidence is about feeling good about yourself on the inside. If you love yourself, real beauty will come with that. It’s easy to choose to love yourself. So, do it, choose it every day.

You are beautiful and you deserve to feel beautiful. Fuel your body with all of the right things to do that. Every day, you are faced with choices that define who you are as a person. Some days it may be a few simple choices like what shirt to wear or what to eat for dinner. Some days though, the choices will be harder and more defining. But every single day, you have the ability to wake up and ask yourself: who do you want to be today. Choose happy, or confident, strong, or vibrant. Choose what will make you feel beautiful and keep choosing each day.

Lots of love,


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