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Someone Reading A Book And Holding A Cup Of Magnesium Tea.

Benefits of Magnesium

Sleep is such an important part of our lives. With quality sleep, our bodies and…

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A Woman Sipping A Healthy Hot Drink From A White Cup

The Psychology of Hot Drinks

What memories do you associate with hot drinks like tea and coffee? For some, hot…

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A Young Woman Sitting In A Bohemian Armchair Near Her Window, Drinking A Functional Drink Out Of A White Mug In The Morning

What Are Functional Drinks?

What do you think of when you hear “functional drink?” Do you think of a…

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A Purple Lavender Field Representing Different Lavender Tea Benefits

Benefits of Lavender

In the high-paced world we live in, it’s often hard to simply calm down –…

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Lavender And Other KCup Ingredients On A Spoon

Healthy K-Cups

At-home brewing systems, like Keurig, have changed the coffee and tea game, allowing you to…

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A Woman Leaning On The Counter Near Her Keurig Tea Pods

Best Tea Pods for Keurig

Our goal at WellOff Elixirs is to make wellness simple. As relaxing as steeping loose…

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Ingredients For Various Elixirs For Weight Loss Held On Metal Spoons

Elixirs for Weight Loss

Is Tea Good for Weight Loss? Let’s talk about weight loss in general for a…

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A Glass Cup Of Turmeric Tea For Immune System Support With Cinnamon Sticks

How to Boost Immunity with WellOff Elixirs

Immunity – it’s what protects you from seasonal illnesses, makes any illness more manageable, and…

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Woman Doing Yoga With City Backdrop

Start Losing Weight Today

It’s January, and every January I begin again. How about you? I create new intentions;…

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The Best Tea Alternatives

Here at WellOff Elixirs, we have nothing against caffeine – especially in natural forms! Yet,…

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What to Drink to Help With Anxiety

If you suffer from anxiety, no matter how severe, you’ve likely spent some time looking…

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What Can You Drink on a Keto Diet? Keto Coffee

Are you the type of person who heavily relies on coffee in the morning? Hey,…

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What Are Elixirs?

What does it mean to truly be well off? For us, we believe being well…

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Slumber Me (sleep Aid Drink) Freshly Made From A Coffee Maker

Slumber Me Elixir Benefits

Relax and let your Beauty Sleep Elixir do the rest Sleep is the foundation of…

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Beautify Me Elixir

Beautify Me Elixir Benefits

The love we put into Beautify Me - Anti Inflammatory Tea Beauty means an infinite…

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Smiling Man Looks Over The City Holding A Cup Of Wake Me UP - The Best Morning Drink For Metabolism

Wake Me Up Elixir Benefits

Wake me up: The Morning Drink For Weight Loss Motivation can be hard to come…

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