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Are you having a lot of emotions showing up for you?

That’s ok – it’s actually a good thing.

It was a very powerful full moon 🌕 and boy can we feel it! Remember the bright large moon helps us see the things we might be feeling. Of course, it is not always when we see these things.

Who said it’s supposed to be easy anyway 😉?

This is good because when we see it, we have the chance to change it. Did you know the universe is here to help us grow, and now is an important time in our transformation? A time to shed our old selves, our old habits, our old structures, and our old stories that in the past we believed to be true. Maybe they aren’t so true, maybe they are just stories we tell ourselves.

It’s time to step into who we are meant to be! ❤️

Let go of the old baggage weighing you down, let go of those old beliefs of who you think you are, it’s time to say goodbye to your old patterns that have not worked!

Notice the feelings, the worries, and the discomfort so you can release them – they are no longer needed!

It’s time to move forward with clarity and confidence!

Know that you are completely loved 🥰 and guided.

I love you ❤️


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