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Thanksgiving is the time to be thankful.
I think we should be loving every day like that.

Are you thankful every day, for everything you already have?

It’s time to wake up with complete gratitude for your life. It’s time to know that you are wonderful and amazing and perfect just the way you are. Right now!

I was sick the last 5 days. I could hardly lift my head; I was seeing spots and the room was spinning like mad. No, it wasn’t covid. I had strep throat; And I think the antibiotics took a toll on me. I thought that I was going blind. It was very scary!

I do a lot of appreciation work. What this taught me was that I don’t always appreciate the small things. I do love my life so much, but I realize that I don’t spend the time appreciating that I get to see, and I get to hear, and I get a wake up and smell the roses per se. Many people lost their sense of smell from Covid – Until you lose something do you truly appreciate having it?

I think Covid was supposed to teach us to appreciate every single moment. To love every moment, however for many of us it taught us to be fearful. Stop being fearful about anything, it has no purpose in your life anymore. It won’t keep you safe, it will only keep you stuck.

Yes, this could be your last day, it could be everyone’s last day. What are you going to do with it?

Thanksgiving doesn’t just come once a year it comes every day when we get to wake up and be thankful for all we have. Right now!

Our only job in this world to appreciate life just the way it is because it’s exactly the way it supposed to be.

Sending you so much love ❤️ and gratitude! I appreciate you reading this ✨ I appreciate you appreciating all that you already have! Because it’s amazing!

Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

I love you

❤️ Courtney

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