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Butter Me Up – Coffee For Keto

5.0 (12 reviews)

Our butter coffee is an amazing way to start your day in one simple step. It can keep you feeling energized and stimulate your metabolism, increase your focus and tastes amazing. If you are into intermittent fasting these keto coffee pods have a perfect balance of ingredients to maintain your fast without spiking your blood sugar or signaling your insulin. This amazingly rich and decadent treat fits perfectly into a Keto lifestyle.


Benefits of Butter Me Up
energy boost
energy boost
banishes bloat
banishes bloat
aids with weight loss
aids weight loss
raises vibrations
raises vibrations
suppresses diet
suppresses appetite
helps with regularity
helps with regularity
improves mental clarity and focus
improves clarity and focus
When to Use:
  • First thing in the morning
  • Intermittent fasting — when you want to keep your fast
  • Whenever you would grab a coffee and need a pick me up

Powered by 4 Ingredients:

Organic Grass-Fed Butter

Helps you feel full and satisfied while giving you energy while your body continues to burn fat.

Med-Dark Roast Organic Arabica Coffee

This premium organic coffee tastes like freshly ground beans. You will get 120 mg of caffeine to provide a boost in the morning or a pick me up throughout the day, without leaving you jittery.

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Balances your body’s electrolytes to aid calorie burning, promote healthy circulation and better absorb nutrients.

Organic Cinnamon

Rich in antioxidants that can reduce inflammation and improve digestion. Known to promote heart health, fight infection, speed up your metabolism and aid in losing unwanted pounds.

  • Other cool info: Used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes in Ayurvedic and ancient eastern medicine. In Ayurvedic science cinnamon is considered to be a vehicle of warmth and balance and believed to stimulate sex drive, circulation, mood and digestion.

12 reviews for Butter Me Up – Coffee For Keto

  1. Richard C.

    I love each elixir, because they’re perfect for the whole course of the day, and every mantra is very motivating… I’m a coffee lover too, and when Welloff promoted BUTTER ME UP, a unique coffee, the very unique taste, delicious, creamy, for me it was a change in my prospect of drinking coffee, highly recommended

  2. JM

    I just started drinking this coffee. It took a couple of days before I realized that it took my hunger away. It has a rich chocolaty taste that I was not expecting but love. So glad I tried it!

  3. Elizabeth C.

    Love this coffee. So rich and creamy, so delicious.

  4. Bob G

    I have more energy. I enjoy this drink so much.

  5. Steve

    New favorite drink! Great In the morning and mid-day. I am not hungry after drinking, I have lots of energy.

  6. Mindy M

    Starting drinking daily instead of my regular coffee with cream & and sugar. I am less hungry and not jittery and have been craving less sugar throughout the day. After a couple of days don’t even miss the sugar in my morning coffee.

  7. karen

    I drink every morning! Since I added into my routine have lost weight and feel great!

  8. Paul R.


    I love coffee.  Really, it’s the start of my day. When I first heard about Butter Me Up, I was intrigued. But would it really make any difference in metabolism, hunger, etc.? I wanted to believe it but had my doubts. Then I tried the coffee and I loved the flavor and the creamy taste – so that was enough for me.  This morning I went to make my daily cup – and I had run out – thought I had another box on hand. So I made my old standard cup of coffee and placed an order for more.  Amazingly, the  difference in how hungry I was a short time later was incredible – I was so much hungrier and needed something to eat way earlier than I had been!  I’m so convinced of the health benefits – plus I miss the taste!  Can’t wait until my next order arrives – and will make sure I never run out again!!!

  9. Jessica Gorall

    Amazing coffee! I absolutely enjoy this every morning and savor every sip! I do add a tablespoon of sweet creamer (sugar-free) to mine.

  10. Julie

    My favorite drink. I look forward to waking up to it.

  11. DKM

    This is delectable! So smooth, savory, like the best organic latte from a small town bakery. Thank you so much WellOff Elixirs!

  12. Darlene Shorter

    I savor every sip of Butter Me Up Coffee. It’s my favorite drink of the day. I wake up not wanting to get up and then think about this coffee. It gets me out of bed!

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