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"I am grateful for clarity and focus today"

Celery Me – Celery Juice Cleanse

5.0 (6 reviews)

The Celery Me tea pods is an easier way to get the powers of celery when you do not have the time to juice. A powerful antioxidant that is hydrating and alkalizing. It can reduce stress and inflammation and work as a reliable weight loss tool that also promotes clearer skin, brighter eyes and glowing energy.



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Celery Me Benefits
Raises Vibrations

Raises vibrations

Reduces Inflammation

Reduces inflammation

Banishes Bloat

Banishes bloat

Promotes Glowing Skin

Promotes glowing skin

Improves Gut Health And Aids Digestion

Improves gut health

Aids Weight Loss

Aids weight loss

When to Use:
  • When you are feeling run down and tired
  • Drink daily first thing in the morning on empty stomach
  • When you love celery juice but do not have the time to make it
  • Before a party and you want to look and feel your best
Drinking Celery Me Elixir After Exercising
Celery Me

Powered by 4 Ingredients:

Celery Seed

Has been a part of holistic health for thousands of years.  Commonly used to help the body eliminate excess water, treat arthritis, decrease inflammation and lower blood pressure. Also believed to help reduce anxiety, increase mental clarity and fight infections including colds and flu.  Studies show that it can help protect the liver from damaging substances, aid in weight loss and maintain energy levels.

  • Other cool info: Has been used spiritually for clarity, insight and purification. Believed to enhance psychic powers and bring on prolific dreams. Used in Ayurveda medicine as a diuretic, cold remedy and anti-inflammatory treatment.

Organic Ginger

Controls the urge to eat. It’s known to accelerate muscle recuperation and reduce pain, boost the immune system and help digestion. For centuries, Ayurvedic and traditional Asian practitioners have used ginger in many different modalities of healing.

  • Other cool info: Ayurveda recognizes ginger as Sattvic. Sattva is (an herb, a food, an experience and state of mind) infused with lightness, clarity, intelligence, compassion and wisdom.  Sattvic plants infuse us with divine energy.

Organic Apples

Contain high vitamin C content helping build collagen. Rich in antioxidants that are good for your heart, balancing sugar levels and promoting good gut bacteria.

Organic Lemon

A natural anti-inflammatory that is a good source of vitamin C which helps build immunity. An alkaline food that is known to promote hydration, improve digestion and assist with weight loss. Also known to relax the gut and promote cleansing.

6 reviews for Celery Me – Celery Juice Cleanse

  1. Anna

    Love Celery Me! I love celery juice and having this elixir makes it so easy to enjoy it. Tastes delicious!

  2. Wendy

    Really happy I bought this product. I enjoy waking up with it. I feel great.

  3. Kim L

    I am drinking every morning first thing. I feel great, i actually stopped drinking my morning coffee. Which I never thought I would. I look forward to waking up and drinking this! It’s been a great addition to my day.

  4. Justin C.

    I drink every morning. Feel healthy and better throughout the day. Super clean ingredients. I love it.

  5. Amanda M.

    I drink this first thing in the morning, even before my coffee, and it’s great! I noticed a positive difference in my digestion right away!

  6. Ashley

    I bought the variety pack at first which I love and I also sent to my sister I thought it was so great! This one I am obsessed with, I feel so good after I drink it and feel it gives me energy, reduces my morning hunger and feel so good when I drink it!
    I really like it.

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