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Wake Me Up – Morning Metabolism Drink

5.0 (5 reviews)

Wake Me Up tea pods are a great way to wake up and jumpstart your metabolism. While it boosts your immunity it also improves digestion and naturally suppresses your appetite. We wake up thirsty so by drinking Wake Me Up first thing in the morning we hydrate our bodies. Most of us are naturally dehydrated which is why we often think we are hungry, but we may just be thirsty.


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Wake Me Up Benefits
Boosts Immunity

Boosts immunity

Raises Vibrations

Raises vibrations

Helps To Curb Food Cravings

helps to curb food cravings

Hydrate Hydration

Great hydration

Improves Clarity And Focus

Improves clarity & focus

Suppresses Appetite

Suppresses appetite

Improves Gut Health And Aids Digestion

Improves gut health

Promotes Glowing Skin

Promotes glowing skin

Banishes Bloat

Banishes bloating

Aids Weight Loss

Aids weight loss

When to use:
  • When you need a break from your morning coffee routine
  • For an immune boost
  • First thing in the morning on an empty stomach or anytime throughout the day when you need a healthy pick-me-up
Delicious Iced

Delicious iced


Powered by 2 Ingredients:

Organic Lemon

A natural anti-inflammatory that is a good source of vitamin C which helps build immunity. An alkaline food that is known to promote hydration, improve digestion and assist with weight loss. Also known to relax the gut and promote cleansing.

Organic Ginger

Controls the urge to eat. It’s known to accelerate muscle recuperation and reduce pain, boost the immune system and help digestion. For centuries, Ayurvedic and traditional Asian practitioners have used ginger in many different modalities of healing.

  • Other cool info: Ayurveda recognizes ginger as Sattvic. Sattva is (an herb, a food, an experience and state of mind) infused with lightness, clarity, intelligence, compassion and wisdom. Sattvic plants infuse us with divine energy.

5 reviews for Wake Me Up – Morning Metabolism Drink

  1. Karen M.

    The WellOff elixirs are a true treat! Filled with a pungent aroma and flavor. The Wake Me Up elevates my mood for the day. I am grateful for the moment each day while I am drinking these and thinking “Who will you choose to be today?” I can’t wait to try more!

  2. Aileen

    I ❤️ Wake Me Up with a little bit of honey!! It’s just the thing to get me started and feeling healthy in the morning!

  3. Jessica

    Today was my first time trying the Wake Me Up! Wow-loved it! I drank it as is…it has such a smooth and creamy taste. Absolutely worth waking up to!

  4. Anna Orientale

    Wow! What a great way to start my day! Once I drink this elixir, I feel energized and ready to go! Thank you! Just love it!

  5. Deborah H

    I drink every morning. I love it!

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