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Healthy K-Cups

Healthy K-Cups

At-home brewing systems, like Keurig, have changed the coffee and tea game, allowing you to make your favorite hot beverage in your own kitchen. This can save precious time in the morning since you won’t have to make a coffee stop on your way to work or school, let alone the money you’ll save in the long run, too. 

Yet, that doesn’t necessarily mean the widely available K-Cups are the best for you, especially if you’re dressing up your frappuccino, latte, or mocha with all the extra whip, syrup, and sweetener your heart desires. The healthier alternative: K-Cup tea pods! If you haven’t brewed tea with your Keurig, you’re missing out in more ways than one.

K-Cup Tea Pods Hit the Spot

Just like a quick coffee, using hot tea pods for Keurig machines makes your morning or night routine a breeze with the press of a button. Like a traditional tea bag, these tea pods are perfectly portioned for a single cup of tea. Plus, you know what to expect with tea pods; there’s no room for human error, resulting in too much or too little tea, or worse, something that tastes watered down. K-Cup tea pods make the perfect, uniform cup of tea every time! Just be wary of expiration dates.

How Healthy Are K-Cup Tea Pods?

The great thing about Keurig-compatible tea pods is that you can get a variety of brands and flavors anywhere you look, whether your go-to is online or at your local grocery store. The problem? The things you’ll find on the shelf are often ridden with sweeteners and unrecognizable ingredients.

For instance, we took the bestseller off the Keurig K-Cup site and took a look at the ingredients. This specific chai latte tea pod contained the following ingredients: 

  • sugar
  • hydrogenated coconut oil
  • glucose syrup
  • nonfat dry milk
  • instant tea
  • modified tapioca starch
  • natural and artificial flavor
  • salt

It also contained less than 2% of sodium caseinate (a milk derivative), sodium polyphosphate, dipotassium phosphate, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, and sucralose.

Is it just us, or is that a lot of ingredients for something seemingly simple? Plus, that single pod contains 60 calories – better than a soda, for sure, but still a lot of calories for tea. PLUS, these sorts of products typically rely on added sugars rather than natural sugars, often making up more than 10% of your daily value intake for sugars. For more on sugars, check out the American Heart Association’s breakdown of the different types and their associated data. 

If you truly want something simple and healthy, there’s no better option than WellOff Elixirs’ K-Cup tea pods. Our elixir-teas are powered by organic ingredients alone, meaning no fillers, artificial sweeteners and flavors, or hard-to-pronounce substances. Because of our to-the-point brews, our K-Cup tea pods are also extremely low in calories, most being only 10-25 calories per pod. Our Butter Me Up coffee pod is the only WellOff exception, clocking in at 80 calories (but hey, it’s keto-approved!).

Try WellOff’s K-Cup Tea Pods for Healthier Tea & Coffee Alternatives

An array of colorful, healthy K-Cup tea pods from WellOff Elixirs

If you’re looking for healthier alternatives to your favorite hot drinks, our elixirs fit the bill. We not only formulated our pods to be clean, healthy, and delicious, but we hope they’ll help you get one step closer to achieving your wellness goals.

We formulated our elixirs to be organic, dairy-free, BPA-free, gluten-free, vegan, contain no GMOs, contain no added sugar, and we made our pods themselves fully recyclable. Our elixirs are healthy for you and good for the planet. Can the leading brands of generic K-Cup tea pods say the same?

Our elixirs provide specific added benefits that you can’t find in regular tea pods, too. For instance, Turmeric Me’s ingredients work together to not only boost your immune system but reduce pain, inflammation, enhance your mood, and promote peacefulness. Detox Me, another powerful elixir, contains ingredients that work to naturally reduce appetite, increase satiety, and target belly fat while also regulating blood sugar levels, improving digestion, reducing muscle cramping, and aiding weight loss. Not sold yet? Let’s look at one more. Slumber Me’s blend of natural ingredients, including the mineral Magnesium (which you don’t see in similar teas on the market), work to soothe the mind, boost gut health, promote regularity, and reduce cravings. Clean ingredients providing results: that’s the WellOff way. 

Many of our products are water-soluble, which means you can more fully absorb the potent benefits of whichever elixir you choose. It’s all about figuring out and choosing the elixir pod that most closely aligns with your health and wellbeing goals.

Don’t take our word for it; give WellOff Elixirs a try today and learn what true wellness feels like for yourself. 



*Keurig®️ and Kcup®️ are registered trademarks of Keurig Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. WellOff™️ is not affiliated with Green Mountain Coffee Roaster’s Inc., or Keurig, Inc.

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