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How to Eat Clean and Be Well

Recipes and Diet Plan - Free e-book

Recipes and Diet Plan
- Free e-book -

I am so excited to share this book with you. The goal was to share my approach, which makes it easier for everyone to eat well and begin to learn how to eat clean. The book has clear tips and tools to get you started eating better and in the healthiest way for your body. The book includes a detailed seven-day plan, shopping list, and great easy to follow clean eating recipes for breakfast. lunch and dinner. Our readers and customers are enjoying it so much that we have been asked to create an entire book of recipes. Simply said, eating clean doesn’t mean, not eating well. You can do both.

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What is Clean Eating?

Eating clean is mostly about consuming more real foods. When I coach my clients, I encourage them to select more whole foods including fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and even healthy fats, while limiting highly processed foods, sugary foods and packaged foods. This creates the opportunity to enjoy your food and not feel like you are limiting yourself. I really like the concept of eating from the edges of the supermarket. For instance, the fruits & vegetable section and then the meats and fish section. Supermarket shopping made easy!

Can I Lose Weight with Clean Eating?

My approach will help you lose weight and feel great while enjoying the process. You will get rid of the bloating and gas as you find an abundance of energy, and more restful and peaceful restorative sleep. You may not even know you have bloat until you get rid of it along with persisting migraines, constipation, joint pain, skin issues and fatigue.  We all want our bodies to look and feel their best, to have glowing skin and the energy we need to maintain an active lifestyle.

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