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Why we started WellOff?

WellOff was started from Courtney’s lifelong desire for everyone to feel confident and secure in their bodies and achieve higher states of consciousness. This powerful combination is the winning formula we have acquired with over 25 years of research and self-evaluation. Our message about choosing how to live your best life and what to put in your body has never been more important than it is today. Our products are ultra-convenient and will help make your daily choices and wellness journey significantly easier.

We discovered that creating happiness and finding peace are the quickest ways to become healthier and feel better, as this helps us make more conscious choices about the foods we eat and the beverages we drink. Our hope is that with our products and sharing our experiences, we can teach everyone the value of listening to their own bodies. We desire to make your journey a little bit easier to navigate, by connecting you with the nutrients and the mindset that will enhance the way you live and how you think about yourself.

In a way, this path is a simple one because the mind-body connection is so powerful. It turns out that the nutrients we feed our bodies can also impact our thinking and our choices! Every healthy choice we make is a reminder that we are beautiful and deserving of living our best life with the body we want to have. That’s why we created WellOff; We all deserve to feel well and be well! The name WellOff is a state of mind that represents the best version of yourself, providing powerful tools for creating the best health and joy that life can offer.

Trish, Friend And Founding Member Of WellOff

Meet Trish

Growing up, I was always involved in athletics. I was fortunate enough to pursue my enthusiasm for sports at the Division I college level. Throughout those years of competing, I learned the importance of healthy eating and taking care of one’s mind and body to compete at the highest levels.

I went on to graduate with a degree in graphic design, a discipline that has always given me sense of a joy and a centered calm. Since college, I have collaborated with many companies to create visuals from inspiration.

I met Courtney & David through our children. We were blessed that they are the same ages, which meant we found ourselves working together on many parent/school projects. Now, with over 25 years of design experience, nearly 14 years of friendship, and countless health and wellness discussions, I find myself grateful and excited to give vision to WellOff. These products and ideals can give people the opportunity to live their best selves in both mind and body

Courtney & David

Courtney's WellOff Journey

I am an intuitive healer, nutrition coach, teacher of happiness, mom, daughter, wife and friend. I am grateful and appreciate everyday that I get to live this beautiful life.

It has taken me a long time to get where I am today. My personal journey has entailed many bumps and obstacles before I arrived at my current state of joy. I have always considered myself a foodie and worked at the original Dean Deluca’s gourmet market while in high school. At eighteen, I left home for college and unexpectantly gained lots of weight. I felt tired all of the time and uncomfortable in my body. Not long after, I felt the urge to deal with my issue and that’s when my research into food and dieting took off.

I learned how to eat properly for my body type and what foods were good for me and which ones weren’t. I read every diet and nutrition book I could get my hands on. Some of them were whacky, but they all contributed to my knowledge of food and the human body in some way. I learned that it is not that one diet is good or bad, it’s about finding out what works for your body and finding correlations between the food you eat and how it makes you feel.

With my passion for food ignited, I decided to pivot from studying communications and pursue a culinary degree. And while this was a traditional curriculum, it broadened my understanding of food and greatly improved my overall knowledge base and food preparation skills.  But something was still missing.

Around this same time, I began to question my happiness and what was going on in my mind. I took my first transformation course, which provided the opening I needed to expand my understanding of the mind/body connection and my journey with wellness. I realized then that it was relatively easy for me to get my food right, but my awareness, perspective and appreciation for my body would take much longer to fully materialize.

At 37 I found myself exhausted; my body hurt all over and all of the time. I went to multiple doctors and was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, which is an autoimmune disorder that can cause hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid. It was suggested that I start taking prescription medication. Instead I chose to heal myself by changing my diet, giving up gluten and incorporating the mental tools I had been acquiring.

I have gone through many stages with my body following adolescence, including the college or cafeteria stage, the auto immune stage, the three very different stages of pregnancy, post pregnancy, and now perimenopause. They have all been challenges but also tremendous learning experiences. These normal physical and emotional changes have had a significant influence on my well-being mentally, physically and spiritually. I want to use my deeper connection, experience, education and passion to help people navigate their life’s wellness journey with confidence, grace and joy.

David's WellOff Journey

When Courtney and I met in college, I knew very little about food and nutrition. Courtney was already a great cook and seemed to know everything there was about food. I was fortunate to have her teaching me and also preparing great meals.

Following graduation, I joined my family’s coffee roasting business. At that time, I was not a big coffee drinker but when I did have it, I would always make it light and sweet. As my role with the company progressed, it was important for me to be trained in the art of “cupping” or tasting coffee black so that I could be helpful in sourcing and communicating internally and with customers about the nuances of each bean origin and the art of blending for a particular taste profile.

Over my 20 years in the coffee business I moved from marketing to sales to operations and ultimately became the CEO in 2012. Around that time, we shifted the business into the single serve category following the expiration of the k-cup patent. That process was intense and the learning curve quite steep, as we had to develop new production lines, supply chain partners, and reimagine what the business could be.

At this time many companies were also getting into the single serve business, but our philosophy was unique. We wanted to make a single serve product to be proud of. With that in mind, we pioneered the first recyclable k-cup compatible capsule and also engineered it to hold more coffee, which substantially improved the flavor. With this patented capsule and new production capabilities we transformed the business in a few short years and helped build a brand that would be recognized for environmentally responsible premium single serve coffee.

Those experiences provided the contacts and knowledge base to help us put together Courtney’s vision of healthy single serve elixirs. Recognizing that most people needed more simple and convenient beverage options we started sourcing the finest ingredients from all over the world with a strict focus on organic clean labels. Over a two-year period, we were able to realize this vision and build the amazing products we have today.

And similar to Courtney I pursued transformational education beginning in my early twenties, and in 2018 realized it was time for a change of career and scenery. Everything that I have learned about manufacturing, business, and how the mind works is now my passion and contribution to WellOff. My mission is to make it simple and convenient to transform your coffee brewer into a wellness elixir machine and reap the benefits of nutrition and hydration with a simple choice and the touch of a button.

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