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Slumber Me Elixir Benefits

Slumber Me Elixir Benefits

Relax and let your Beauty Sleep Elixir do the rest

Sleep is the foundation of our lives. It gives us the ability to heal, to learn, to grow, and to develop.

If you really think about it, so many aspects of your life wouldn’t be possible without sleep. But sleep can be difficult. After seemingly long days, our minds are often filled with worries and stresses or aching bodies. All of which makes it much harder to get a fulfilling sleep.

We truly believe that we have created the best combination of ingredients to aid you in receiving an ideal amount of rest each night. Slumber me is filled with magnesium, organic chamomile, and organic lavender – making it the perfect elixir for sleep. These three ingredients are in their purest forms. Together, they promote soothing relaxation, peaceful sleep, and healthy, regular digestion.

Be relaxed

Our goal at WellOff is very simple. We want to help you achieve the best life possible. And to do this, your sleep schedule has got to be awesome. This is why this sleep aid drink contains the chamomile flower.

When we think of this flower, the first word that comes to mind is soothing. After consuming, the chamomile flower almost instantly calms your nerves and relaxes your body, allowing your mind and body to relax, allowing you to sleep better. The magnesium in this elixir acts similarly in that it regulates your body’s neurotransmitters which calms your nervous system and actively prepares your body for sleep. Chamomile also has calming effects that can appear almost instantaneously, giving you all the more reasons to drink right before bed. It can soothe your stomach, the muscles that make up your body and treat the sleep insomnia you may have.

Stress and anxiety are easily the most common cause of sleep insomnia and the rates of both these things have only increased in recent years. Our world is growing more anxious, stressed, and overworked and in many ways, sleep can easily calm us. Often, we don’t prioritize ourselves and the well being of our minds and bodies. Think about yourself and your body. Self-care is vital to your health so don’t ever feel bad treating yourself well. Go to sleep earlier and put good, organic products in your body. Give yourself the tools to be healthy and of course happy.

Be Strong

Healthy Man Exercises With A Jump Rope In The Morning.

Like previously mentioned, if you put the good stuff in your body, good results will appear. It’s that simple.

The three pure ingredients that make up the Slumber Me elixir, all aid your body not only with sleep but with long term strength. For starters, consuming enough magnesium assists with healthy bone formation. It is also very important for your muscles. It has the power to relieve muscle pains and leg cramps. So not only is this drink perfect to help you sleep, it is also perfect to help relax your body after a tough workout or long day. When enjoyed in proper amounts, magnesium decreases the risk of heart disease by fueling your heart and preventing heart attacks.

Magnesium can also reduce high blood pressure. High blood pressure is an ongoing problem, especially in the United States. Through exercising properly and caring for yourself and body, and drinking the magnesium in Slumber Me, having high blood pressure can be reduced. Magnesium is also fairly known to help make processing and releasing the food you eat easier and more regular.

The chamomile in this drink also calms the specific parts of your body in charge of the waste releasing process, making this drink perfect for creating regularity. The chamomile flower is the second piece of this drink that can help your body be full of strength. For many when they hear chamomile, they immediately think of calmness. But, along with being calm, the first thing we think of is immunity. We often hear the expression “boosts immunity,” and we wonder what this truly means. In our own terms, boosting immunity means giving your body the strength it needs and very much deserves. Your body is solely your own and you should do everything in your power to strengthen it.

Our bodies do incredible things such as fighting off diseases and healing wounds. But by giving your body the proper tools, you can strengthen the superpowers your body already has. The chamomile flower can help do this. Chamomile is bursting with antioxidants that have what we like to call superpowers. For instance, chamomile contains an antioxidant known as apigenin. This antioxidant has been scientifically tested and proven to fight specific cancer cells such as those of the breast, skin, and prostate. The flower can also help to lower and control high blood sugar. All in all, the benefits are tremendous and amazingly powerful.

Be Peaceful

Woman Meditates On A Yoga Mat To Show Inner Peace

Though being peaceful is fairly similar to being relaxed, they aren’t entirely the same thing. The final ingredient that makes up this truly incredible elixir is lavender. For as long as we can remember, we have loved the smell of lavender. It is sweet and strong and always reminds us of home. Many studies and research has shown the power of lavender in its ability to help with restlessness and poor sleep. Not only is lavender successful in promoting great sleep, but it has also been proven to decrease anxiety which is a root cause of a lack of sleep. Lavender is soothing, relaxing, calming, and truly powerful.

We have created this drink for one purpose. To make your life better. We want to give you the tools to enable your best life, and we really believe that it starts with good sleep. Be kind to yourself and your body because we are only given one. Be happy, calm, peaceful, and beautiful.

Love always,


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