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I love coffee.  Really, it’s the start of my day. When I first heard about Butter Me Up, I was intrigued. But would it really make any difference in metabolism, hunger, etc.? I wanted to believe it but had my doubts. Then I tried the coffee and I loved the flavor and the creamy taste – so that was enough for me.  This morning I went to make my daily cup – and I had run out – thought I had another box on hand. So I made my old standard cup of coffee and placed an order for more.  Amazingly, the  difference in how hungry I was a short time later was incredible – I was so much hungrier and needed something to eat way earlier than I had been!  I’m so convinced of the health benefits – plus I miss the taste!  Can’t wait until my next order arrives – and will make sure I never run out again!!!

— Paul R.

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