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The Best Tea Alternatives

The Best Tea Alternatives

Here at WellOff Elixirs, we have nothing against caffeine – especially in natural forms! Yet, everyone has their thing. Maybe you’re not a caffeine drinker, maybe you’re tired of your traditional tea blend, or maybe you rely a little too heavily on caffeine and you want to switch things up for lifestyle/diet purposes. Whatever it is, there are tea alternatives – tasty ones, too! – and we want to make you aware.

Best Tea Alternatives at WellOff

Rich in benefits with powerful ingredients, we have what it takes to create a delicious, soothing tea alternative here at WellOff Elixirs. Check out four of our caffeine-free, tea-free favorites:

1. Slumber Me – Beauty Sleep Elixir

When you think of relaxation, your mind immediately leads you to tea. Who doesn’t love warming their bodies from the inside out with a hot cup of tea? That’s okay! Tea isn’t bad. We have an alternative, however. Meet “Slumber Me,” perfect for beauty sleep and total relaxation. Powered by magnesium and two organic ingredients, our soothing night beverage of choice contains organic chamomile flower, and organic lavender – all of which promote a peaceful night’s rest.

2. Master Thin Me – Healthy Hot Drink for Weight Loss

Our second favorite tea alternative aids weight loss. Our “Master Thin Me” not only promotes a faster metabolism and suppresses your appetite, but it can also improve your digestion and help your body eliminate unwanted toxins. Oh, and it satisfies that sweet tooth if you have one like us! Powered by organic lemon, organic maple syrup, and organic cayenne pepper (don’t knock it ‘til you try it), this elixir is a perfect option for any time of day. 

Bonus: you can drink it iced or hot! You’re welcome, iced-tea loyalists.

3. Celery Me – Celery Juice Cleanse

Speaking of cold drinks, we thought we’d offer up two chilled drink options in case you really want to step out of your hot-drink routine (okay, but really, you can drink any of our elixirs hot or cold; it’s up to you!). First, we’re talking about our “Celery Me.” Don’t be scared away by its name! We’ve powered this elixir with familiar, natural ingredients that will reduce stress and inflammation, help with weight loss, and promote clearer skin, brighter eyes, and glowing energy. Yes, please. 


Made from celery seed, organic ginger, organic apples, and organic lemon, this blend is a perfect way to begin your day, acting as an energizing pick-me-up when you’re run down, tired or are in need of a liver cleanse.

4. Detox Me – Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Drink

“Detox Me” is the second chilled tea alternative we want to highlight (again, you can drink it warm if chilled drinks don’t do it for you). Everyone knows apple cider vinegar is a bold, overwhelming flavor, but when paired with organic lemon, cloves, apples, and warm cinnamon, you’ll crave this elixir! Not only does it taste surprisingly sweet and familiar, but it helps to naturally reduce appetite, regulate blood sugar levels, improve digestion, and reduce muscle cramping. You didn’t think you’d get so many added benefits from switching out your favorite beverage, did you?

Tea Alternative Benefits

A healthy tea alternative from WellOff sitting on a table beside a bowl and plate of strawberries

As much as we love tea, many of them can be dehydrating, that’s why we love these healthy swaps! Full of hydrating, beneficial ingredients, these drinks will give you a boost of energy or provide a state of calm (depending on which you try) feelings that you might otherwise only attribute to your favorite coffee or nighttime tea. 


Pressing the pause button on your go-to coffee or tea might allow for some healthy changes. Whether eliminating caffeine helps you sleep better, reduces anxiety, or reduces your overall daily calorie intake, it’s worth experimenting with.

WellOff Has a Little Something for Everyone

A woman’s hand brewing a berry-colored, anti-inflammatory tea from WellOff

Whether you’re ready to try a tea alternative or want to stick to what you know, we’ve got you covered. At WellOff, we have an elixir for everyone. Can’t live without your coffee? Try our “Butter Me Up” coffee, made with organic arabica coffee beans and perfect for keto lifestyle or a diet to help you feel more satisfied. Often our hunger or cravings can be reduced if we include more fats in our diet. Looking for an alternative to your regular tea but still need something that has smooth organic white tea? Try our anti-inflammatory tea, “Beautify Me.” We hope you find the beverage that speaks to you; we can’t wait for you to experience the empowering, rejuvenating properties of our elixirs.

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