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The Psychology Of Hot Drinks

The Psychology of Hot Drinks

What memories do you associate with hot drinks like tea and coffee? For some, hot drinks are associated with a daily morning ritual — bringing life to the early hours of each day. For others, these drinks are paired with images of smiling friends and family members. Whatever memories hot drinks lead you to think of, you likely can’t help but feel warmer, more comfortable, and content whenever you bring your favorite warm beverage to your lips.

These warm feelings don’t come without reason. Over the years scientists have studied the various benefits of hot drinks on the body and mind and have come to some fascinating conclusions that help explain why we feel so good drinking WellOff elixirs!

Hot Drinks for Cold & Flu

Nothing beats the feeling you get from sipping your go-to cup of steamy drink when you’re under the weather. One study looked at the effects of hot versus cold drinks for participants who had a cold. While the measured nasal airflow of the participants did not change when given the warm beverage compared to the cold beverage, there was a significant difference in symptoms participants reported after taking the hot beverage. Participants noted improvements in coughs, sneezing, chills, and tiredness when given the hot drink.  The lead doctor from this study explained, “symptoms are what we feel, and what we feel can be influenced by our mood, our expectations, our culture, all sorts of things.” In other words, even if your hot tea or broth doesn’t cure you of your common cold it can help you feel better and provide the comfort your achy body is craving.

The Psychology of Healthy Hot Drinks

The power of hot drinks extends beyond helping you soothe a sore throat when you’re sick. Healthy hot drinks have also been shown to help boost your mood.

Another study found that by merely holding a hot drink, participants were more likely to perceive others as having “warm” personalities. Participants were asked to hold a stranger’s cup of coffee briefly. They were handed either iced coffee or hot coffee. Those that held a hot cup were more likely to perceive the stranger as friendly and warm. The same study went on to show that warm temperatures can positively affect our willingness to give to others and other prosocial behaviors.

Healthy hot drinks remind us of love and comfort. Who didn’t love a cup of hot cocoa as a child? As adults, we search for that same nostalgia — and many have found that here, with our powerful elixirs.

In addition to providing much-needed comfort to our bodies, hot teas and elixirs have additional benefits that positively affect our mental health.

Our elixirs can benefit the body through inflammation reduction, immunity support, and digestive wellness. These improvements, when addressed properly in a quality elixir, can then enhance overall psychological wellness. Our bodies can better let go of stress and anxiety, and our minds can think sharper and more clearly.

WellOff Is a Warmer and Better Choice

A woman leaning on the counter near her Keurig tea pods

Now that you know the benefits of hot drinks, like our elixirs here at WellOff, why wouldn’t you try a well-formulated, warm beverage? Curb unhealthy food cravings, take care of your gut health, boost your immunity, stay hydrated, lower inflammation within your body, and reduce the discomfort of bloating. Elixirs are more than just a hot tea or beverage, and with a variety of options, like our Keto Coffee or our Detox Me, you’ll begin to reap the physical and mental rewards that can come from them.

Don’t limit warm, healthy hot drinks to colder climates or seasons. Their benefits are universal. Warm yourself up from the inside out and try one of our heart-warming elixirs today.

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