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Wake Me Up Elixir Benefits

Wake Me Up Elixir Benefits

Wake me up: The Morning Drink For Weight Loss

Motivation can be hard to come by, especially in the mornings when your bed feels ever so comfortable and warm. We’ve all been there but don’t hit that snooze button and get ready to start the amazing day you have ahead. Changing our habits and routine can be challenging.  Our mission is to make these actions easier by providing crafted single serve beverages using nature’s natural elixirs.   To start this day and future days, make a healthy choice and place a Wake Me Up drink into your Keurig machine. The infusions of lemon and ginger have the incredible ability to enhance your day and your life in part by helping reduce stress.  We all know that added stress impacts our immune system’s ability to keep us healthy.  Lemon and ginger are the perfect combination to wake you up and enhance many vital aspects of your life allowing you to live your best life and truly be your best self.

Be energized

A Man In Orange Shorts Exercises With A Jump Rope Showing Extra Morning Energy.

It is so simple to wake up tired and meander through your day without being awake or aware. It is easy to go through the motions without focusing on your surroundings. Starting your day off with the natural, healthy energy found in lemon and ginger can power your senses and focus for an entire day, allowing you to be present and aware. Lemons contain a large number of negative ions, which allow for a quick boost of energy and mood enhancement. Its citrus scent optimizes both your mind and mood for the rest of your day. Ginger and lemon make the perfect duo for your morning routine. Along with lemon, ginger has the power to up your energy and reduce the stress brought about by hectic mornings and life in general. It’s easy to raise your vibrations and energize your day with these simple, healthy, and natural ingredients, already perfectly combined for you.

Be strong

Everyone has different means of strength but in the end, strength truly means that your mind and body are healthy. The amazing opportunities ahead of you are easier to achieve when you feel great. Mentally, emotionally, and physically. Your energy, creativity, and power can flow when you are feeling strong and healthy. It is always great to give your immune system the boost and support it deserves. By drinking lemon, you are filling your body with vitamin C which will help your health and strength in the short and long term. The levels of vitamin C in your body are vital to protect your cells and allow for reparations to the tissues that you are made up of. By choosing lemon and ginger to start your day, you are giving your system a boost to help prevent colds, flu, and other ailments that hinder your ability to succeed.

Be happy

A Man And Woman Laugh Together And Enjoy Their Morning With Mugs Full Of Wake Me Up Elixir

Lemons are also rich in potassium which facilitates the electrical transmission in the brain and nervous system, the parts of your body responsible for the control of the rest of your body. The organic lemons in this drink will keep your brain responsive, ready, awake, and most importantly healthy. Ginger has the natural power to reduce stresses, which are a very common cause of pain and unhappiness. The ginger in this drink contains volatile oils that can reduce stress, allowing for an immediate mood enhancement after drinking. Many of us often go through each day without thinking of our own personal happiness. It is easy to forget to care for yourself and your wellbeing with so much going on in our world. You should always make a little time to put yourself and your emotional well-being first. One of the simplest ways to do this is to begin each day being mindful and aware of your surroundings and fueling your body with the best ingredients possible.

Be healthy

We are often in pain, either emotionally or physically. And it can be hard to live each day when you feel you are being weighed down by an invisible force. By consuming just a small amount of ginger each morning, your body is aided in sweating out some of the toxins that are likely causing some of this pain. Ginger has also been scientifically proven to reduce nausea and alleviate headaches. Shockingly, ginger can do even more to help you feel your best. Once entering your body, the ginger immediately acts as a natural anti-inflammatory which can curb an overactive immune system. The ginger aspect of this elixir stimulates the saliva and gastric enzymes in your body, helping speed the movement of food from the stomach, speeding up your metabolism. The lemon will stimulate and allow for healthy and easy digestion and elimination of waste, helping to breakdown food simply and efficiently. The combination not only tastes amazing, it will do wonders for your overall health and wellbeing.

Be proactive

As we all know, there is a lot of unknown in the future. We can never be sure what happens in a year from now, let alone tomorrow or later today. There are so many things in our futures that are out of our control. But there are many things we can control that have the ability to control that can make all the difference for your future self. It is never too soon to be proactive and prepare for the exciting future you have ahead. By consuming Wake Me Up, you receive the long-term benefits of organic healthy ingredients which can prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of developing diabetes and some types of cancer. It isn’t hard to be proactive and it will no doubt hugely pay off in the future.

Everyone’s day can be made a little better, no matter what. It is now simpler and easier than ever to choose the best way to begin each day. You deserve healthiness, pure joy, and happiness. You deserve to feel and look beautiful and feel strong. You deserve to live your best life and do it by taking it one choice and day at a time. Wake up and breathe the beautiful air you are surrounded by. Use the incredible senses you have to observe everything around you. Be observant, aware, awake, energized. Never be scared to put yourself first and do what you need to do your best. You can do amazing things in this world and Wake Me Up is ready to help jumpstart your day and the rest of your life.




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