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What Are Functional Drinks?

What Are Functional Drinks?

What do you think of when you hear “functional drink?” Do you think of a drink that helps you function, like your daily cup of caffeine or water, essential for everyday life? Well, generally defined, a functional drink is “a conventional liquid food marketed to convey product ingredients or supposed health benefits.”

Let’s break down what you need to know about functional drinks and give you some WellOff options to check out while you’re here.

Functional Drinks – What Qualifies?

This study, conducted in 2019, clarified that functional drinks are non-alcoholic beverages that contain nontraditional ingredients like minerals, vitamins, amino acids, dietary fibers, probiotics, added raw fruits, etc. That makes the following list good examples of functional drinks:

  • Sports drinks
  • Performance drinks
  • Energy drinks
  • Ready-to-drink teas
  • “Smart” drinks
  • Fortified fruit and vegetable drinks
  • Milk substitutes
  • Enhanced water
  • Wellness/immunity shots

When you’re looking at that list, it makes sense. Performance drinks assist with the replacement of water and replenishment for athletes during and after athletic training. Energy drinks are rich in stimulant compounds, like caffeine, and claim to provide both mental and physical energy. Fortified juices are laced with nutrients that you don’t typically find in the respective fruit or vegetable. The idea of a functional drink is that it’s meant to do more than simply quench thirst.

Functional Drinks – Why Do They Matter?

Functional drinks, like those listed above, are typically seen as alternatives to nutritionally empty drinks like sugar-ridden sodas, calorie-dense brews, or plain-and-simple tap water. If you want to be more intentional about what you consume, yet still satisfy your taste buds, functional drinks make a great swap. Some functional drinks are even carbonated to curb that craving for fizz (brought on by years and years of soft drinks). Yet, be careful about the brands you rely on; always read the label when choosing a functional drink!

According to Ibrahim M. Abu-Reidah, in the 2020 book Trends in Non-alcoholic Beverages, these drinks aim to satisfy the growing consumer demand for healthy products that simultaneously boost human wellness and provide nutritive value.

For more, ScienceDirect put together this page that holds several different books, claims, studies, information, and data from the last few years of research regarding functional drinks.

WellOff Elixirs Are Functional Drinks

Based on those definitions and clarifications, our elixirs fall under the “functional-drink” category in more ways than one. Depending on which elixir you choose, our specialty tea pods can aid immunity, help relieve stress, help reduce inflammation and bloating, boost gut health, kickstart your energy, assist with weight-loss goals, etc. – and those are just a few benefits of WellOff functional drinks.

Include WellOff’s Delicious, Functional Drinks in Your Routine

infographic depicting the functional drink benefits of all the WellOff Elixir options

Here at WellOff, we have plenty to offer based on individual needs and goals – all of which are extremely low in carbohydrates. Try our Beautify Me for anti-inflammation, Celery Me to cleanse your system, Slumber Me to help you wind down, Turmeric Me for added antioxidants, Master Thin Me for weight management, Detox Me for, well, detoxing your system, and Wake Me Up to kickstart your day! We also offer Butter Me Up, a coffee for keto with added benefits as well.

Not all functional drinks are created equal, unfortunately. Here, we believe in simple, natural ingredients packed in convenient K-Cups, making your daily choices and wellness journey significantly easier. Our elixirs contain ingredients that make you feel good from the inside out. Whether you’re after something to help settle your stomach, to clear your mind, or boost your energy, rest assured that one of these wellness pods fits the bill. Oh, and they taste amazing – what’s the point of a functional drink if it doesn’t deliver on taste, too?

The nutrients we feed our bodies can impact our thinking and our choices, so why not put the right things in? Try for yourself; see what WellOff’s functional drinks can do for you.

Looking for True Functional Drinks? Check Out All of Our Elixirs!

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