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What Can You Drink On A Keto Diet? Keto Coffee

What Can You Drink on a Keto Diet? Keto Coffee

Are you the type of person who heavily relies on coffee in the morning? Hey, we get it. Sometimes a warm cup of coffee is the only thing that forces us to come out from hiding in the morning. Perhaps it’s part of your everyday ritual before heading into work. Whatever it is, we understand that there’s nothing like a caffeine rush to kick your body – and mind – into high gear. If coffee is an essential part of your morning routine, you shouldn’t have to give it up, especially if you’re following a strict diet. 

Let’s talk keto, specifically. If you’re practicing a form of keto, your brain might trick you into thinking all things yummy and delicious are off-limits. It’s especially hard when your friends are ordering warm, frothy lattes loaded with sugar and vanilla. Luckily, you can still get your satisfying coffee fix and maintain a keto diet.

That’s where our “Butter Me Up” coffee for keto comes in.

What Is Coffee for Keto?

If you’re going keto, you simply have to make a few substitutions. For starters, opt for black coffee; it’s low in both carbs and calories, making it the go-to brew for keto. Next up: add-ons. This is where people tend to get into trouble. Instead of sugary syrups and carb-heavy kinds of milk, add a healthier fat that will encourage ketosis and help you feel entirely satiated. Our personal favorite? Grass-fed butter in coffee.

A close-up image of cubed grass-fed butter in its wrappings beside a butterknife on a table

Not only does grass-fed butter in coffee make you feel satisfied and energized, but it adds a burst of richness and creaminess to your cup, too. We can smell it now… 

Another perk of coffee for keto? Some will drink keto coffee as a breakfast substitution entirely, especially if they’re practicing intermittent fasting. Our blend, specifically, has the perfect balance of natural ingredients to maintain your fast without spiking your blood sugar or signaling your insulin. It’s a win-win for coffee lovers.

FAQ Regarding Coffee for Keto

Is There a Difference Between Keto Coffee and Regular Coffee?

Honestly, not really. That alone should help you with an easier transition to keto coffee. The only difference is the addition of healthy fat like grass-fed butter in coffee, as we mentioned. Other than that, it simply comes down to add-ins. Again, skip the sugar and milk!

“Since It’s Keto Coffee, I Can Drink It Whenever I Want, Right?”

Not exactly. Yes, while keto-friendly coffee aligns perfectly with the keto diet, we all know that too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Listen to your intuition, and only drink it when you really need that caffeine fix. Since there’s an addition of grass-fed butter in coffee, your beverage will still contain calories and fat. We love our blend because it’s the perfect amount of fat to keep you satisfied but not too much to throw you off your diet.

What Can You Drink on a Keto Diet for Weight Loss?

Some believe a keto-friendly drink is the one-stop-shop to instant weight loss. Truth be told, coffee for keto doesn’t contain magic weight-loss powers, but it does aid a healthy diet thanks to its replacement of ingredients. 


First, you don’t have to worry about traditional sweeteners like milk and sugar in your keto coffee. (We’re going to keep pointing to this difference because it’s easy swaps like this that lead to a healthy, ketogenic lifestyle.) Second, because grass-fed butter in coffee is high in fat, it will encourage satiety and fullness, preventing the habit of overeating. Finally, we are all for keto coffee when practicing intermittent fasting, as it can help decrease hunger or give you a boost of energy and mental clarity in the morning. 

So, while coffee for keto may not work miracles, it certainly merits some of its weight-loss claims when incorporated into a healthy diet and lifestyle.

How to Make Coffee for Keto: Five Steps

A close-up image of a coffee maker brewing coffee for keto with purple background

Now let’s get to the fun part. If you enjoy brewing your own coffee from home, follow these five steps to keep your favorite beverage in line with keto: 


  • Pick Black Coffee – Start with your base. We know that black coffee fits into the keto diet, so you can either drink it on its own or dress it up. 


  • Add a Fat – Whatever you do, add fat. You already know we are big proponents of grass-fed butter in coffee, so add about one tablespoon into your black coffee by using a frother or blender for that latte-esque consistency. 

  • Find a Milk Alternative – This step is optional, as we think butter coffee is creamy on its own, but if you need extra creaminess one day, consider milk replacements. Since cow’s milk isn’t low in carbs, opt for heavy cream, almond milk, coconut milk. Oh, and always go for the unsweetened variety.

  • Naturally Sweeten – If you must sweeten (we all have those days), choose a keto-friendly sweetener. Sugar is obviously a no-no, so try something like stevia, erythritol, or monk fruit. Remember, a little goes a long way… 

Add Spices – Our favorite part of all! Skip the sugary creamers and syrups, and spice up your coffee with cinnamon, nutmeg, or even vanilla or almond extract. We will back up cinnamon every time because a) it’s rich in antioxidants that can reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and speed up metabolism, and b) it adds just the right amount of warm spice.

What Can You Drink on a Keto Diet? WellOff Elixirs


If you don’t want to make your own butter coffee from scratch each day, let us do the hard work for you. Let us help you stay on track with your keto diet or healthy lifestyle. Here at WellOff, we believe how you start your morning will determine the rest of your day. Start it with our “Butter Me Up” elixir – a perfect start to any productive, fulfilling day.

We’ve hit on what coffee for keto should contain, and our rich, energizing elixir checks off all the boxes. Not only is it a keto-friendly option made with grass-fed butter, organic coffee beans, Himalayan pink sea salt, and organic cinnamon, but it tastes rich and decadent, too. Drink it first thing in the morning, as a breakfast substitute when fasting, or whenever you simply need a pick-me-up in your day. This energizing, delicious elixir will fit perfectly into your keto lifestyle and will not only help you out of bed, but it will make you want to start your day! It’s that good…

Don’t give up the best part of your morning. Try Butter Me Up!

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